Monday, May 25, 2020

Dressing Half Naked Is The Way To Top As  A Female Artiste – Eazzy Reveals

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Ghanaian female Afrobeats musician and song writer, Mildred Ashong popularly known as Eazzy has called on Ghanaians to allow female artistes to dress half naked like their female international counterparts when they mount stages.

to buttress her point, Eazzy made a comparison to the likes of Beyoncé, Nikki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez  among others who are mostly noted for wearing skimpy dresses during stage performances.

According to her, such dresses which are termed as ‘indecent’ by the society rather make them comfortable when they mount stages to perform to the admiration of their fans.

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“Mzbel was also very enlightened and ahead of our time. I watched her outfits when I was growing up and it was nice because I watched Beyoncé and the likes of Jennifer Lopez do it, but people penalise us so much,” she bemoaned.

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Some female musicians have argued that their way of dressing is part of the show business and that people should learn to accept that.

The songstress questioned why society especially journalists criticize their half-naked female artistes but turn around to enjoy their music describing them as hypocrites.

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Eazzy cited the late dancehall diva Ebony Reigns who was heavily chastised by some Ghanaians due to her dressing which was seen as contrary to the norms of the Ghanaian society.

Eazzy bemoaned the hypocrisy in the music industry, wondering why a section of Ghanaians claim to be in tune with the African culture yet like stuff which are not acceptable by the society.

“We like to hide behind the whole African culture yet still we like certain things. I feel artistes in Ghana should be allowed to explore and do what they are comfortable with.”

Sometimes the media penalises us a lot and we can use that in relation to the late Dancehall artiste Ebony Reigns. They were not very nice with certain things concerning her meanwhile they went behind and enjoyed her music and shows a lot,’’ Eazzy told Lexis Bill on Behind The Fame on Joy FM’s Drive.

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She believes the music industry will be better if artistes are supported and not chastised on regular basis about their dressing.


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