Drugs Destroyed My Life – Duncan Williams’ Prodigal Son, Papi Shiloh Confesses

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Daniel Duncan who is well-known as Papi Shiloh, the biological son of Archbishop Duncan Williams, has made Ghanaians privy to his involvement with drugs and how it nearly ruined his life.

In a bold confession, he tweeted about how substance abuse can destroy one’s life, and affect relationships with people you love.

He also advised young people to stay away from it and have nothing to do with it. People reacted to his post and said that they were proud of him.

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As a reminder, the most troublesome son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Daniel rose to fame after being caught in a swimming pool with two ladies having the time of his life. He was also seen smoking, drinking and recording n*de videos for fun.

He was later picked up and sent for treatment as it emerged he’s suffering from bipolar disorder which according to critical thinking Ghanaians, it’s just a face-saving mechanism employed by the father (Archbishop Duncan-Williams) to avoid shame!

See the post below:

Duncan Williams’ Prodigal Son, Papi Shiloh Confesses


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