“Dumsor is exposing all your lies” – Manasseh Azure Awuni tells government

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Seasoned Ghanaian journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has said the ‘Dumsor” menace that has crept its ugly head in recent months is a testament to the government’s lies and deceit.

According to him, the intermittent supply of power which is popularly called ‘Dumsor” is exposing the government: lies and weak fundamentals.

Borrowing the famous words of Vice President Bawumia, Manasseh Azure Awuni paraphrased it by stating that ” when the fundamentals of the government in dealing with power supply is weak, the Dumsor will expose them.”

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You can tell all the lies, but if the fundamentals of power supply are weak, “dumsor” will expose you.

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This view by Manasseh Azure Awuni addresses two issues; (1) the claim by the government that it fixed dumsor when it came to power and (2) the refusal of the government to tell the citizens that dumsor is back so they get prepped up for it.




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