During ʂɛҳ, once any party withdraws consent, you have to stop otherwise it will be considered ᥅ꪖρꫀ – Police remind general public

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He emphasised that when two people are having ʂɛҳ and one person decides not to continue with the act, forcibly insisting on penetration is tantamount to ᥅ꪖρꫀ and that is punishable by law which could attract 14 years in jail term.

He sounded the admonition in a Twitter post on July 12 saying;

”Do you know during sex, once any party withdraws consent, you have to stop. further penetration amounts to rape and the person can be sentenced to life imprisonment if found guilty…… ignorance of law is no excuse.”

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Meanwhile, a lady’s fake butts grossly exposed her when she hit the dancefloor as ascertained in a video shared on the internet.

The lady in question was amongst invited guests who recently graced a party. She wore a tight-fitting army green dress and lovely white sneakers to match.

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She danced beautifully with her partner as other couples hit the dancefloor at the event.

Her unusual backside however grabbed the attention as the fake pad she heaped behind her to bolster her confidence nearly fell off.

It appeared some of the couples looked startled and filmed the rare moment and shared it online.

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