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Gotham City provides the backdrop for the evil Joker to mastermind his gruesome plan to take the city for his own. Batman is nowhere to be found as the off-center megalomaniac wreaks havoc in his path to conquer and gain all the power.

The movie’s writers, Todd Phillips and Scott Silver, have managed to tap into pure evil with the 2019 film The Joker and created much talk surrounding the film at the same time.

Talk is also laden with Oscar wins amongst the who’s who of the movie industry, as well as amongst 1xBet customers. On this site, players will be able to find many big winning options on The Joker courtesy of a multitude of markets.

The Joker brings big wins to the table for all movie lovers, not least of which are the actors and crew involved in the movie. But this year, it’s not just the big names that stand to score as a result of the film – 1xBet players can also be part of the Academy Awards, with betting on categories like Best Actor, Best Picture and Best Director.

Other than betting on a big win for Joaquin aka The Joker, 1xBet customers are able to have a hand in bringing the Joker down with an arsenal of cards as their ammo. ‘Beat the Joker’ involves a card game with an opportunity to rescue Gotham City from the clutches of the evil Joker.  But, the only way to do this will be to draw higher cards than him.  Do this and not only will the city be safe, but you’ll also be rewarded with a great profit on your bet!

1xBet is once again proving that they are a top brand that focuses on what’s important to their visitors. They encourage all visitors to participate in the fun on offer by not sticking to the usual betting markets. Simply put, there is something for everyone on their site.

And the Oscar goes to …1xBet for gambling at its finest. Joaquin Phoenix is not the only one who should walk away with a golden statue, 1xBet too should be applauded for being a top-notch all inclusive site for betting enthusiasts around the world.

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