Earth Tremor reportedly hits some parts of Accra, Ghanaians share their experience

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According to reports making waves on social media as expressed by tweeps, some parts of Accra were hit by an earth tremor on Monday, December 12, 2022.

Per the account shared so far which we culled from Twitter folks, the near disaster happened twice on Monday in some parts of Accra, including Gbawe, McCarthy Hill, Adabraka, and Mallam.

The comments below captured the highlight of what transpired;

Economist Joe Jackson, in a tweet, suggested he felt the earth tremor in Adabraka.

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“Did I just experience an earth tremor in Adabraka, Accra? Did anyone else feel this?” he asked on Twitter.

Another Twitter user, Cynthia Prah, asked: “Was that an earth tremor?”

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Journalist Ohene Boama posted on Facebook, “Something just moved under the earth at Asylum Down.” A possible earth tremor?”

Meanwhile, the Geological Survey Authority, the organization in charge of seismic activity in Ghana, has not yet made a statement.



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