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How To Easily Make Ghc1,000 Every Month By Just Using Your Friends On This Sports Betting Site

Have you thought of making some money with gambling? Yes, the majority of the youth are already into sports gambling for several obvious reasons and it’s about time you also take advantage and make some money by just recommending a site for sports betting to your friends.

Usually, I don’t like to share tips like this but I believe that everyone deserves to make some passive income to cater for the many bills and responsibilities. There’s an easy way to make more than Ghc1,000 a month by just referring your friends to a betting company.

Yes, it’s that simple guys!  If you already gamble, then I believe you would easily understand the concept. Most of you are already in several sports groups and place bets with several bookmakers with the hopes of winning but sometimes, things go badly and you end up losing money.

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Now, all of that money that you lose, you don’t get it back, and if you are not fortunate to land on some good odds, you would lose soo much money but as a blogger, who is into promotion of several companies I am sharing with you how you can easily make profits from betting even if you are losing.

So, there’s a betting company based in Russia but has several branches worldwide, it’s very popular and they are known as 1xbet. Interestingly, they have already started making arrangements and would be opening their physical branches here in Ghana before September but they have already become a threat to most of the betting companies here already… You want to know why?

Which betting company gives you Bet Insurance? Which betting company gives you loan to place bets, so when you win, then you pay for the amount they gave you without interest?

Well, that’s not even all, they have high odds, they give you the ability to sell your bets before they spoil for cash, they have almost all their games on Live bets, so if you are late, you can always bet even if it’s a small match.

You can easily watch every game live on their app, mobile site and website and they have several options to chose from that you wouldn’t get anywhere!

But that’s not even the point! My point is you can make money with them while you are betting also. I want to be brief, so will go straight to the point here.

First step is to create an account with them, by CLICKING HERE. Make sure when registering especially for those in Ghana, don’t bother adding the ‘0’ infront of your numbers, so you can get the confirmation SMS code. For those in other countries, make sure you check the format for your country as well.

After CREATING  THE ACCOUNT, all you need is to login on PC/Laptop and as showed in the image below, Click on Affiliate Program to apply, once approved, you would see your LINK, now note that that becomes your special affiliate link.

After CREATING  THE ACCOUNT, all you need is to login on PC/Laptop and as showed in the image below, Click on Affiliate Program to apply, once approved, you would see your LINK, now note that that becomes your special affiliate link.

You will then send the link to your friends and ask them to Register using your link, so the system can identify them that they were referred by you.

That’s all, your work is done!

Is that all, are you kidding Me?

Okay, that’s not all. As people register under you, when the company makes profit, you also make some profit and commissions are between 2%-15%.

This is a screenshot from my affiliate account which I use to bet. See the affiliate link, and there are banners, so when you register and login, u would see same and use your own special link you generate

Is this not good news? Which betting company gives you this offer?

So how do you get people to register under you?

It’s that simple. We all have friends who gamble, you can start with them.

2. It’s easier for Whatsapp Admins of Sports groups and betting groups who have influence–Don’t just drop tips, at least earn something for the hardwork you are putting in.

3. Facebook Group Administrators can also benefit more since they have some influence on their members.

4. Game center bosses, sports viewing center bosses all of you have influence to get people to register under you and earn extra income.

So how do people Deposit and Withdraw?

Yes, for those in Ghana, we have MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Cash and Airtel cash on the site that you can use to make deposits and Withdrawals,. There are other options too such as Skrill, Visa Cards, Master Cards, Neteller, Payoneer, Cryptocurrencies and a range of other payment systems.

If you happen to be reading this from Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and wondering if you can be part, say no more because the bookie is soo big that, there’s a payment method that favours every country in the world except for those countries who are not allowed to bet on the site, like the USA.

This is serious business and I have been using it to earn some passive income every week as a promoter too.

I can vouch for this bookie with my Life because I have been with them since last year July and they are very loyal.

Here’s what I am going to do. I will drop my Whatsapp number here (233) 0273094088 so you can Whatsapp  me if you have further questions or need clarifications.

Like I said, the first step is to Click here to get an account yourself and then when you login, you generate your affiliate link and share with friends, group members, etc.

I also have a Whatsapp group but to be honest with you, the boys in there can talk from morning to evening, so the group gets full and some people leave but you can join us if you want, we are currently now 220, don’t know if there will be space by the time you decide to join. Join Our Group Here, We Share Daily Football Tips.

And if you don’t want to be an affiliate, it does not matter, you can just have your bet account and bet and make your money. Click HERE To Register.

Download The 1xbet Mobile App For Android Here




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