Easy Tips On How To Talk To Short People

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You don’t need any special kind of skills to talk to short people. However, because of their height, there are some tips you must follow. In this post, I will show you some of the tips on how to talk to short people. Keep reading to find out.

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How To Talk To Short People

Talking to short people does not need any kind of skill. It is just the same way you will talk to others. However, because of their height, there are some tips you need to follow and I have a few below.

  1. Do not Squat when talking to short people: When talking to short people, do not squat as this will mean some kind of insult. It will make them seem like a child or draw public attention. Just stand upright like you do when talking to others.
  2. Take a few steps away: When talking to a short person, it is better not to stand close to them. With their height, it will be difficult to look at your face. It is therefore good, that you take a step away so they can easily communicate with you.
  3. Do not talk about how short they look: Teasing a short person about how short he or she looks is very bad for conversation. They have no control over their height and it is very disrespectful to do that.
  4. Listen First: When having a conversation with a short person, always listen. Do not take all the time to talk about yourself. Listen to them first.
  5. Maintain Eye Contact: In order to maintain eye contact, always take some steps back. Also maintaining eye contact means you are listening to them.
  6. Do not rest your arms on them: To keep the conversation going, it is good not to rest your arms on them. Just keep eye contact.
  7. Don’t Use Baby Talks: Just because they are short does not mean they are babies. Respect is key when you want to talk to a short person.
  8. Don’t Laugh About Their Height: Laughing about a short person’s height is disrespectful. Accommodate them and half a listening ear.
  9. Know When To Talk: To have a good conversation with a short person, always know when to talk. Do not centre the conversation on yourself. Listen and respond accordingly.
  10. Give Compliments: To keep the conversation going, always give compliments. This will help to keep the short person in high spirits.
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