Eazzy Tries Nicki Minaj Style But Just Does It with Mediocrity

Ummm, well i guess Eazzy would probably not make it in the list of celebrities with gargantuan asses but she will definitely be in the sexy celebs list.

Each time Eazzy does some pose with her not too big ass, you just have no choice than to keep mesmerizing it. She’s got beauty and a wonderful talent, which is singing and rapping. You just cannot say she’s  not good on stage, she rocks each time with her moves. I can boldy say that Nicki Minaj is her role model and she looks up to her soo much just like how other young teens look up to her. Once in a while she just wants to try the Nicki Minaj raunchy style but for the fear of the judgmental Ghanaians she gives us something mediocre. Well, tell me you don’t like this pose as much as i like it.  Enjoy!!



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