Ebony devoted her life to Christ before she died – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

Four years have passed since the untimely passing of young Ghanaian artist Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, also known by her stage name Ebony Reigns.

Ebony died in an accident on the way back to Accra after seeing her mother in Sunyani who had just returned from overseas. She also lost a friend and a military commander.

Although she is no longer alive, news stories about her are still being published, and this time, her spiritual father Dr. Lawrence Tetteh has offered a personal account of his interactions with the late artist.

The pastor asserted that the late Ebony gave her life to Christ before she passed away.

He acknowledged that even though he had led her to seek the face of God on Tuesday, she had passed away just two days later on Thursday.

“She got born again on Tuesday. I led her to the Lord. She said the sinner’s prayer. She told me she was going to her mom in Sunyani. Her mother was back from London and when she comes back, she wanted to come to church with my wife Barbara, and me.”

He continued that, “fortunately, my wife was in town, and they all spoke together, she was excited. It was my phone she spoke on because her phone was kept at the entrance. But I could take pictures with my phone inside the embassy.

“So all my pictures with her were what I took with my mobile phone. And that was her last message on Instagram. So you notice that there are three people in the picture, Myself, her, and the Hungarian ambassador,” Dr. Lawrence Tetteh concluded.


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