Light does not go off in advanced countries- A livid A-Plus fires at ECG’s incompetence

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A furious A Plus has taken to one of his social media platforms to express his grievances about the incompetence of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), characterised by the inability of people to purchase power for their prepaid meters and frequent power outages.

Beyond that, the former rapper cum political activist made a vehement recommendation that Ghanaians must establish unauthorized connections if the problem ECG is encountering which was avoidable in the first place continues to persist.

He claimed that many people are operating cold stores and losing money because they lack the necessary prepaid to purchase electricity.

He touched on how these things are rarely seen in advanced countries which is why they are always ahead of us.

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He stated; “Have you gotten some of the prepaid to buy? ECG is on my lane here. There are a lot of people who have thronged the place wanting the prepaid credits. A poor person has gone to buy a pound of meat to refrigerate.

The person sells kenkey so she has bought the meat and fish to refrigerate and fry and use it to sell their kenkey. For about one week, the person does not get to buy prepaid and the meat goes bad. These days medicines including Covid drugs are frozen.

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All these people want to buy the prepaid but it is unavailable. Others have machines that have to be plugged in when their sickness becomes extreme otherwise the person will die but the light is unavailable.

If you go to advanced countries, the light does not even go off. Over here, even when you are holding money to buy you won’t get some.

What is even more annoying is that after uploading, what you get to buy, there’s a light off. What is this? If you have tried purchasing prepaid for a week now and you are not getting it, don’t bother yourself. Your meat will go bad. Just look for an electrician to do an illegal connection for you.


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