ECG disconnects power to Kotoka International Airport over ¢49m debt

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The Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) has been turned off from electricity by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) due to a $49 million debt.

The debt is impacting the ECG’s operations, according to Team Lead Nene Shadrack Mase.

The task group expected GACL to settle at least 50% of the debt, but GACL chose to pay $1m.

This, according to the ECG, is insufficient. The task team stated that the GACL was notified before Monday’s distress action.

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“We called last Friday, but they stated they didn’t know us and didn’t want to work with us.

“GACL owes ECG $49 million but wants to pay just $1 million, which we think is too little. We anticipate at least 50% of the debt or $5 million”.

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The $49 million debt is due from the GACL for six electrical meters, including Terminal 3 and the runways.

The ECG’s National Taskforce team did not cut electricity to Terminal 3 or the runways at Kotoka International Airport.

The main offices and office complex were impacted. That electricity will be restored only if Ghana Airports Company Limited pays at least 50% of the debt.

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The task group had already visited the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation to demand negotiations.

They are also slated to visit the Accra International Conference Center today.


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