Education is not the key- Graduate with degree who now sells charcoal reveals

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A female graduate who has toiled a lot trying to secure a job since she graduated has now resorted to selling charcoal. 

To this end, she has eventually concluded that education is not the key, a clear antithesis to the popular maxim that says education is the key. 

Identified as Queen Salmat, the young lady intimated that despite her degree, could not get a job for a long time. 

In order not to waste her life, she has started selling charcoal to put body and soul together. Salmat shared her story in a video reel as part of a social media challenge on the video-sharing platform. 

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She proceeded to deepen her post by sharing her matriculation photo alongside a video of her packing charcoal to be sold and lamented over wasting her time getting an education.

Salmat captioned: “When they told you Education is the Key to Success but in reality, it’s your padlock for your success.”


When they told you Education is the Key to Success but in reality it’s your padlock for your success 🥺 #ticktokghana🇬🇭 #tiktok #ticktokafrica #education #job #queensalmat @ladyjoy4545 @joelsiii

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The post triggered some reactions and we have it here for you;

Edna Enyonam110 said: but there is money in it oo ,seriously. I wanna start selling some.

nhanhaamaranking said: The fact that you started with something is beautiful.

Wisdom_93 said: I did the same course but I’m driving Uber now.. it’s just a stepping stones.. God is in control. everything will be ok just a matter of time.

Lloyd Simpson627 said: don’t give up now your time won’t go to waste for not getting what you want bigger and better opportunities out there for you just believe.

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