Efia Odo fumes about Ghanaian textbook teaching young pupils about “sugar daddies & exchanging s3x for money”

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Efia Odo has expressed her reservation over the content of a Ghanaian textbook that teaches pupils in grade five about s3x education.

According to her, she disagrees with the fact that young students will be taught about s3x education at a very early age in school.

Sharing the content of the textbook which apparently belongs to her niece in fifth grade, Efia Odo was sceptical about the content that focuses on sugar daddies and exchanging of s£x for money.

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My niece is in 5th grade and this is in her textbook. Why is a 5th grader learning about sugar daddies? #FixTheCountryNow

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Efia Odo received replies from her fans who said the pupils being taught sex education and being exposed to the implication of improper s3xual activities is not a bad thing.

However, she stood her grounds with the explanation that students learning about s3x education and other related topics at a relatively young age is a no-brainer.

Teaching an 11 year old about exchanging sex for money due to poverty is not my idea of sex education. Smh, the fact that y’all see this to be normal is another mind blower.

Remember there was a nationwide agitation some years ago when the government had wanted to introduce the learning of sex education at the basic school level. many Ghanaians did not agree with the idea of a Comprehensive Sexual Education and the government had to pull the brakes on its implementation.

With the introduction of a new syllabus at the basic syllabus made worse by the absence of relevant textbooks and learning materials, the quality of tuition has been affected drastically.

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