Efia Odo Must Be Really Missing Kwesi Arthur, For Her To Give Him A Reply Like This

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Video vixen Efia Odo and rapper Kwesi Arthur have been alleged a number of times to be in a relationship but have denied all allegations countless times.

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The two were even recently alleged to be involved in a sextape but further evidence freed them from the allegation.

In a recent post by Kwesi Arthur, he urged fans and followers to keep washing their hands so they don’t contract the deadly coronavirus pandemic as he created awareness for it.

Replying to this post, Efia Odo gave a reply that sounded like a girlfriend who was missing her boyfriend.

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Efia Odo replied Kwesi Arthur saying, “Come wash it for me…”. Some fans and followers replied to this saying Efia Odo likes Kwesi Arthur but she keeps pretending she doesn’t.

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