Efia Odo schools Vicky Zugah after she said sleeping with a man in exchange for money is not a crime

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The truth is, contemporary ladies are willing to sell their bodies in exchange of grades, money among other favours. While society frowns on such a system of trading, Ghana most beautiful actress, Vicky Zugah thinks otherwise.

Speaking to Selly Galley on Joy Prime, Vicky Zugah opined that most women who date married men are usually after the money and other favours.

She explained that there is nothing wrong with sleeping with men in exchange of money especially when they don’t have any other means of getting it.

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“Sometimes ladies date Married men for the money and nothing else. Those who don’t like hustling but want to live luxurious lives are the ones who find themselves in this fix. As long as you don’t get caught, I don’t see anything wrong with it. After all it’s all part of hustling”. She added.

Fast forward, Efia Odo has come out to add her voice to the buzz. In the best knowledge of Ghana’s failed actress Efia Odo, sleeping with men for money and favors is prostitution and that it’s illegal in many countries.

“It’s called prostitution ? Prostitution is illegal in many countries “, she tweeted.

Efia Odo replies Vicky Zugah
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