Efiewura’s Controversial Boatema Finally Exposed!

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Popularly known as Boatema in Ghana’s longest airing TV series, ‘Efiewura,’ Florence Boateng has really garnered lots of attention and admiration for herself over the years.

Florence Boateng, who is now better known and recognized as Boatema, has been a flat character in ‘Efiewura’ for 5 years now. GHBase.com caught up with Boatema, whose face is always beaming with smile, and she was elated and humbled to have been called up.
Narrating how she landed a role in ‘Efiewura,’ she said, “I had a conversation with the director and looking at me, he decided to try me or give me a chance. The director first wanted me to play a simple role for him, just a scene but nature has its own way of doing things. Now, I’m one of the main characters.”

10728553_952509304766378_1121753100_nPrior to her acting role in the series, Boatema said “growing up, I act in school and church but never took it serious.” Whether by design or default, Boatema also intimated that she used to always tell her friends that “I will come on TV but never said I will act. I used to say I will come on TV and also become a pilot.”

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According to her, gaining fame through the much-watched series has bestowed uncountable opportunities and privileges on her. “Meeting people of high places, favour and the respect alone are enough. You go to places and you are given preferential treatment. You dine with kings and queens.

Her character, Boatema, in the series, is one of a controversial one. A character who is always nagging and haranguing over his libertine and amorous lover who does not give a hoot at her feelings – making Boatema fight, insult, argue, and plan evil against her rival.
Asked if some people mistake her for her character, she said “yes!” Nonetheless, she does not hate anything about her character because “that is Boatema – good and bad defines her. There is nobody on this planet without a blemish. We are all good and bad and that makes us human beings!” Since fame comes with its own price, Boatema is paying hers – both sweet and bitter.
Sharing the bitter one, she said “it’s not easy because people forget that you are human being – so even when you are sick, you have to dress and put on nice face. Where you have not been, they say you are there and where you don’t know, they say you stayed there.

efiewura-boatemaa“When you are friendly, they take it to be something else and if you want to enjoy your privacy, they say you are too known.” She however, consoles herself with the positive reviews viewers of the series pass about her. “They say I do it as if I’m not in front of a camera and wonder how I’m able to do that. They don’t see any fear in me” she said humbly.
She also disclosed that some guys in the industry have made sexual advances at her but she refused to give in. Though she claimed she had never dated any industry guy before, she also stated emphatically that she will not date or marry a man in the industry.
When asked if she will ever leave Efiewura, she exclaimed, “no! If I’m not in Ghana, fine.” Florence Boateng is a graduate of Koforidua Polytechnic – where she studied HND in Accounting. Aside acting, she is a full time corporate worker. GHBase.com wishes her well in her chosen field and prays she garner awards in the near future. Until then…MOTWUM!!


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