Efya Denies The Allegation That She Do Drugs

The perception people have developed especially Ghanaians concerning the private lifestyle of celebrities is that most of them do drugs.


This comes as a result of the immense energy that requires for stage performances and all that comes with celebrity life. Nonetheless, Afro Soul singer Efya has said she does not do drugs.


She told Lexis Bill on Drive Time on Joy FM on Monday, 12 June when asked by a caller to clear the air about whether or not she uses drugs. Thus,  deducing from the inquisition by the caller, Ghanaians have had the perception that she (Efya)  do drugs.


Upon the persistence of the caller, she said: “… I’ll say for you [caller] I don’t do drugs babe.” Efya is famed for hit songs including Best In Me, Forgetting Me, One of Your Own and Little Things.