Efya Talks About Why She Feels Ghanaians Should Understand & Respect Gays

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Musician Efya has in an fresh interview with 3 Fm expressed her views on the subject of homosexuality–A subject that many Ghanaians don’t even want to talk about.
Efya who was on 3Fm’s  mid-morning show ‘Urban Blend’ shared with the host, Miriam Osei-Agyemang, her stance on the controversial issue. Efya posited that, it would be unfair to judge people based on their se*ual orientation because everybody is different in their own way and that before anyone judges somebody, they should first check themselves.

“There are a lot happening in our world, this is not the 90s. People are coming out because they’re discovering themselves in a different way. I think if we find a way to understand everybody as they want to be, it wouldn’t be about that (Sexual Orientation), it will be about who they are as a person and not their sexuality.” she said.

Efya also spoke on sex*ual issues and  advocated that adolescents should be educated on sex by holding ‘Sekz Talk’ and getting them to use contraceptives  since they are already having se.x
“Because of our tradition, we shy away from s*x, but the young people are having s*x and some of them are having unprotected s*x,” she continued.
“I feel like a lot of the young girls should also be spoken to about getting on the pill. It doesn’t fully prevent pregnancies but it’s the most efficient that has been certified.”
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