“Ego, Arrogance, Misunderstanding Caused The Collapse Of Dobble’-Danny Beatz

Dobble, the group that composed Christy, the hottest song of 2016 parted ways because of arrogance and ego, according to their sound engineer Danny Beatz. The group did not even stay long to enjoy ‘the fruit Christy was yielding.’

Danny Beatz, real name Daniel Owusu Agyapong gave an insight to what really caused the demise of one the country’s most promising music group.

“Ego, arrogance, misunderstanding and they weren’t thinking business. No matter what, you guys need to think business even if it’s about a woman or whatever you first need to think business because at the end of the day, you are doing business but that was [not] the case with Dobble,” he explained.

Danny said Paa Kwesi slammed him when he prompted him to do the right thing after they won ‘Most Popular Song of the Year’ at this year’s Ghana Music Awards.

“After the award, Paa Kwesi posted on Facebook praising himself as if he did the song alone and I commented on that but my comment did not go down well with him and he really bashed me through Whatsapp messages. I was just expecting him to give a shoutout to people who were behind the making of the song besides, King Shabo wrote 80% of the song,”
he stated.

Written By Exty Nash

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