Facts About The Egyptian God Family Tree

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According to the history of the Egyptian gods, the gods of the country like Isis, Osiris, Set, Horus, Thoth, Anubis, and a hundred others were amazingly different groups. Just like the Greek and Roman gods, which were believed to have been motivated by structure, most or even all Egyptian Gods were mostly grouped into families even though, they were not as a family as they are told to be.

For example, the first family of the Egyptian gods entailed Isis(Osiris’ wife), Osiris(Isis’ husband) and Horus & Set(two rival brothers/Isis & Osiris’ children). Set reportedly hurt his brother’s eye and then murdered his father.

After the assassination, he dispersed his body around the world. However, it is recorded that, it is Osiris’ wife, Isis who reassembled and resurrected him from the dead.

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In the early days of Egypt, their gods were less human than the gods that came after them; like the Roman and Greek gods. They seemed to represent much more than what we can term as intellectual abilities and concepts than the pagan gods which were identical to humans.

This can rarely be witnessed in some of the Egyptian gods such as Horus, Anubis, Sekhmet, and Thoth among others.

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All the listed gods of Egypt are shown with animal gods which appear in different hybrids(animal/human and strangely looking. They mostly appear like quite different species of creatures.

There was no wonder that the gods of Egypt stuck to their own thoughts, powers, fascinations and imaginations that differentiated them from we humans (qualities, spiritualities, physicalities, etc.)

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Atum’s Family Tree and the Story of Osiris

The first creator God of Egyptian mythology is Atum; he birthed two children namely Tefnut and Shu. According to history, Tefnut and Shu also gave birth to two children named Nut and Geb. Nut was the youngest of her brother.

She was the goddess of the sky who was said to be taken care of by her father. Geb was also the oldest to his sister, Nut. He was the god of the Earth. He also grew up to become the first king of Egypt.

According to Egyptian mythology, Nut and Geb had 4 children namely Osiris, Set, Isis, and Nephthys. Osiris became the second king of Egypt and his sister, Isis, was his queen. However, problems with family changed history.

Set, who was blessed with the mightiness of being the gods of storms and desert envied Osiris. Set then structured a coffin that only his brother, Osiris could fit in. He gave it out to anyone who fits in. His brother, Osiris lay in the coffin only for Set to shut it stiffly with nails and throws it into the Nile. Then Set was made king.

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The Reassembling of Osiris’ Body & Mummification 

Isis, who was the goddess of motherhood, healing and magic found Osiris to reassemble and resurrect him. According to many sources, Set steals the coffin back and cuts Osiris’ body into about 14 pieces and dispersed him

Isis runs to Nephthys, Set’s wife and her sister who also happens to be the goddess of mourning, healing, service and magic for her help. With the help of Nephthys and Anubis, her son, who was also the god of mummification, reassembled all 14 pieces of Osiris’ body and asked Ra to bring him to life again for just one night.

Ra did as they wanted and Osiris and Isis bore a son called Horus. Early next morning, Anubis mummifies Osiris which made him the first mummy in Egypt and made him the god of the underworld.

According to history, Horus is the reincarnation of Ra since Ra was the god who is said to have brought Osiris back to life for just a night. Therefore, Horus became the god of the moon, sun and sky.

Egyptian Gods
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