Eight Fulanis K!ll£d as Gunmen raid Fulani settlements near Yendi

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An assault on a Fulani herders settlement near Yendi in the Northern Region killed over eight persons and left more missing.

The shooters encircled the settlement at 1 p.m., according to a female survivor.

The shooters, she said, segregated women and children and only executed males. She claims most were close-range shots.

The assailants set fire to the community and injured others with machetes. Hundreds of animals were murdered and plundered.

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A lady recalls the atrocities she witnessed: “They divided the men, women, and children, and they slaughtered all the males”.

He and his brother were murdered in our home. The attackers withdrew into the woods and their identities are unknown.

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Security sources presume furious locals as retaliation for the murder of a young native instructor earlier in the day.

The secondary school teacher, a tribal konkomba, was assassinated on his way to school by armed thieves.

According to the reports, this might be the basis for the violence towards Fulanis suspected of such acts.

The assault community is less than 12km from Yendi. The security guys came after the assailants had departed the place.

The security forces carried the victims’ remains to the Tamale Teaching Hospital mortuary, escorted by ambulance staff.

“They evacuated the town. No guy in this village now. So we’ll simply have to wait”, the lady moans as the security personnel depart with the dead.

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