Elikem Discloses How Much He Had To Pay Just To Get Married To Pokello

Elikem has indeed defied the odd and most people find it ridiculous that he got married to Pokello considering the fact that her se* t&pe  got leaked.  They say love looks beyond all things and ELikem still got married to her out of the great love he feels for her.
Their romantic affair started in the Big Brother Africa House in 2013 and that relationship still transpired into a beautiful relationship, which now has turned into marriage.
There were pictures flooding social media recently which suggested that, the two had gotten married and truly, they have gotten married-ELikem has confirmed in an interview with Peacefmonline.
“I paid a lot of money and before you pay such money for a lady’s hand in marriage you have to be sure she’s the one. Otherwise you will be a silly young man throwing a lot of money away. So it feels good to be married to the right woman. It feels amazing. No mistakes or regrets whatsoever”, Elikem told Peacefmonline. –
When asked how much he paid for the bride price, he was reluctant but in a later interview with Joy Fm on Tuesday, he mentioned that it was between US$15000 and $30,000.

“I initially didn’t want to make this information public but people are getting figures wrong so I want to correct it. The lobola (Bride price for a traditional marriage in Zimbabwe) was US$25,000. A deposit of US$20,000 was paid on Saturday and the US$5,000 is to be paid by the white wedding,” he told Peacefmonline earlier Tuesday.

Well, Elikem also disclosed that with respect to Zimbabwean culture, a couple waits for months or even years before their white wedding.  He has not disclosed any date for their white wedding yet and they are currently at a secret location enjoying themselves before they come back to Accra.

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