Elikem Does Not Know When To Marry His Fiancee Pokello?

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It’s been 3 months already when Elikem asked Pokello to marry him at the 2014 VGMA, something that even took Pokello by surprise because she never knew Elikem had made such arrangement. It was a romantic scene at the VGMA when Elikem knelt down infront of an audience of 6000 people present when he had come with Pokello to present an award of Stage.

He popped the million dollar question every woman craves to hear from the person they love and are dating, especially when men of these days are never interested in marriage. I must say, you could see jealousy oozing out of most girls there as it is their dream to have a man as tall and handsome as Elikem to ask them to marry him.

With an uproar from the crowd and high velocity of curiosity trembling, Pokello did what was most logical under that circumstance and said a “Yes” but unfortunately, they did not climax the whole thing by french kissing, they rather decided to hug and tears of happiness rolled down her eyes. Many were happy for their joy, but a many too were angry and jealous within.

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We all thought, by now Elikem would have fixed a date for their wedding, so we could be rest-assured if there is no break-up especially when there are lots of mystery surrounding both Elikem and his finacee Pokello. When Elikem was asked on the Entertainment news on UTV when marriage was finally going to happen, he was unwillingly to give a date. Well, that’s acceptable but when being asked whether it will happen this year or the following year, Elikem was still adamant and his response was “It will happen, and it will be in Zimbabwe”

I am however surprised why Elikem was adamant in just disclosing whether it would be this year or next year especially when he proposed to Pokello at a big event and everyone thought the wedding  was happening in a month.


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Well, just maybe he will pull one of those surprises again. Pokello will just  wake up one morning, and when she goes out to stretch her arms,  all friends and family will be in wedding clothes waiting for her to get married in her nighty. Well, that would be romantic, Elikem is full of surprises


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