Elikem Looses His Head! He Admits Bonking Odartey Lamptey’s Wife For 4 Years & Pokello Left Him 3 Months Ago

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You all can bare witness, that the media always comes out with the truth, we admit that sometimes, it’s a bit exaggereated. We told you about Elikem and Pokello having some misunderstanding in their relationship.

Pokello, fiancee of Elikem had gone gaga on social media calling out Gloria Lamptey, ex-wife of Ghanaian footballer, Odartey Lamptey to stop chasing her man.

In tweets, Pokello posted via twitter, she wrote

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Can someone please ask this 46year old woman why she continues to harass me over an Elikem who is 26years old? Grandmother- I’m done playing games with you- Lets blast this shit. Your 3 children are the same age as him!!!! #Nonsense”

Elikem had maligned her moments after she posted that, asking her to work on her insecurities. (Read the full story here:

Now Elikem had finally admitted that he had been bonking the wife of a married man for 4 good years and denied all media reports, when it came out in the news that he had been having an affair with the ex-wife of the footballer. He also revealed that Pokello broke up with him 3 months ago because his lover or should i say bonkee was harassing his fiancee (Read it here:
Pokello Furious With Elikem’s Alleged Sex Partner, Gloria Lamptey & Elikem Is Soo Angry With Her Right Now!

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You have seen the above screenshots for yourself, and now Elikem is denying ever tweeting that, but those tweets were captured before he even had the chance to delete them. When he was tweeting the truth, he had forgotten he was doing so on twitter and people have screen captures to capture it.

Gloria Lamptey
Gloria Lamptey
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We at Ghbase.com will keep updated on this matter.


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