Elikem Spotted At Aqua Safari Chilling With His ‘Sugar Mummy’ Amid Divorce Brouhaha

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Elikem has been in the news lately due to issues surrounding his marriage and things that actually led to the divorce between himself and ex-wife Pokello.

Well, as an entertainment blog, one of the things we do is bring to our cherished readers the latest gossip in town.

On Sunday, October 7, 2018, one of our writers took to Aqua Safari to relax and have fun after a long week’s work. At the venue, he saw Elikem and one woman having fun to the max on the jet ski and along the shore. Initially, our writer thought the woman was his elder sister hence, didn’t want to unleash his ‘gossip’ blogger lifestyle so he didn’t take any photos or videos at the time.

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After a few hours when all was calm and darkness started to set in, Mr Lover Boy Elikem and his sugar mummy sat by the banks of the river, ordered for some champagne and some good food, and then started ‘chopping’ love right under the nose of a blogger.

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What the heck was Elikem thinking? Did he think it was a Sunday so no ‘gossip’ will be around? Did he also think of the fact that issues surrounding his divorce are still lingering in the minds of Ghanaians so he should have just gone a little more private?

Anyway, from what we saw, the woman might be Elikem’s ‘sponsor’ since there’s a saying that ‘Fine boys no Dey pay’. ??

Elikem and his sugar mummy spent the night out at Aqua Safari and according to our writer, the lady’s a*s is 5 times that of Elikem’s Pokello. What more does a young man need when he gets such a gigantic a*s on his bed and who also doubles as his ‘sponsor’?

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Below are photos we managed to take of the two lovebirds and also a recording of Elikem’s Snapchat videos he posted to confirm that he was actually at Aqua Safari and that our writer wasn’t lying about what he reported.

Elikem certainly seems to have a thing for women older than him huh? He’s 29 and Pokello is 33 and this new woman he’s hanging out with will pass for 38 or more.


Watch video here:

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