Elisabeth Fritzl Bio, Interview & Facts About The 2008 Basement Story

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Elisabeth Fritzl is the girl in the Basement story which emerged in 2008. In the Elisabeth Fritzl interview, she accused her father of imprisoning him, rap1ng, and torturing her in the basement for 24 years. I have more information about the whole issue and if you keep reading, much detail will be given. Her father, Josef Fritzl had 7 children in which one passed away. He is currently serving a life sentence in Austria’s Krems-Stein prison for mentally ill convicts.

Who is Elisabeth Fritzl?

Elisabeth Fritzl was born on 6 April 1966 in Amstetten District in Austria to Josef Fritzl and Rosemarie. At the age of 11 in 1977, her father began abusing her. Elisabeth landed a job as a waitress at the age of 15.

Elisabeth Fritzl’s Interview

Her parents had 7 children (3 boys and 4 girls). In 1983, Elisabeth fled to Vienna with a friend but was caught and brought back home. On 28 August 1984, Elisabeth’s father, Josef made her daughter unconscious using a towel soaked in ether. He then locked her in a basement. Josef then lies to her wife that, Elisabeth has run away from home again to join a cult. Josef’s wife, Rosemarie was forbidden from entering the basement.
Fortunately, Elisabeth managed to escape from the basement on 26 April 2008. Her father was arrested afterwards. You can watch the full interview here.

How did Elisabeth Fritzl Give Birth?

After being abused several times by her father, pregnant Elisabeth was given a pregnancy book. She gave birth alone in the basement with no medication. One of her children named Michael died three days after birth after falling sick. Check out Elisabeth’s children below.

  • Kerstin – 30th August 1988
  • Stefan – 1st February 1990
  • Lisa – 29th August 1992
  • Monika – 26th February 1994
  • Alexander and Michael – 28th April 1996(died after three days)
  • Felix – 16th December 2002

Where is Rosemarie Fritzl Now?

When the basement story broke out in 2008, Rosemarie flew from her home. In 2011, the police cleared her from her involvement in the case however, there are some who still believe she had a hand in her daughter’s pain.

Elisabeth Fritzls Husband

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Thomas Wagner fell in love with Elisabeth after A&T securities assigned him to protect her. In 2018, Elisabeth allowed his bodyguard to move in with them. They married later. They live in a tiny hamlet in Austria’s countryside with Elisabeth’s children.

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