Elizabeth Ann Weber Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth & More

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Elizabeth Ann Weber is popularly known as the ex-wife of American singer, songwriter, and pianist known as Billy Joel. Ann Weber was married to Billy during her 20s however things did not go well as the marriage came to an end. How much do you know about Ann Weber? Let’s find out below.

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When Was Elizabeth Ann Weber Born?

Elizabeth Ann was born in 1942 in New York, United States.  She schooled at Private New York School, New York and an upgrade at the University of New York. In 2022, Elizabeth is 80 years and currently employed as a manager in a company.

Elizabeth Ann Weber’s Husband, Children & Divorce

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Ann Weber was first married to American singer, songwriter, and pianist Billy Joel. She was initially married to Jon Small, a drummer for the rock band “The Hassles.” They had a son in their relationship. Billy was also part of the band and was heavily attracted to Jon Small’s wife.

So, Billy finally had his chance with Elizabeth but when Jon Small heard of the affair, he was broken which led to the band’s breakup. Initially, Elizabeth was saddened by her actions and disappeared but returned later in 1973 to marry Billy.

After marriage, Elizabeth requested to be appointed as the financial manager for Billy’s business. However, it seems she was in for the money. Elizabeth was not happy with the money Billy gives her and so convinced him to give her half of his fortune. With different problems popping up, the couple filed for divorce in 1982. Billy was not ready to give up on her and so tried to win her back. His effort to gain her include purchasing a $4 million home for her, which she lived with her son until 1997.

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Billy landed in an accident and whiles receiving treatment, Elizabeth visited him in the hospital requesting his signature for the transfer of all his riches and property. Shocked by her actions, Billy officially and emotionally redrew all his love for all.

Elizabeth Ann Weber’s Net Worth

Ann Weber’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Where Is Elizabeth Ann Weber Now?

After her divorce from Billy, Elizabeth disappeared from social media or anywhere. Billy, however, went ahead to remarry three times.


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