Elizabeth Fritzl Siblings

Elizabeth Fritzl is popularly known as the Austrian woman in the basement incident. Elizabeth was born on April 6, 1966 in Amstetten District in Austria to Rosemarie and Joseph Fritzl.

Elizabeth Fritzl Siblings

Elizabeth grew up with her siblings in their hometown, she has a total of seven siblings namely, Alexander Fritzl, Stefan Fritzl, Felix Fritzl, Michael Fritzl, Ulrike Fritzl, Harald Fritzl, Doris Fritzl

Elizabeth Fritzl education background 

Elizabeth didn’t have any sound formal education. However, she enrolled at a compulsory education program. after that, she pursue waitress course where her skills in hospitality was enhanced 

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Elizabeth Fritzl career 

Having completed the waitress school, she got a job when she was only fifteen years of age as a waitress in a popular restaurant called Linz in 1984.

Elizabeth Fritzl rape incident 

Elizabeth was called by his father Josef to help him refit the basement door on August 28, 1984. However, Joseph raped her and she became unconscious and later told his wife that Elizabeth has fled to join a cult.

Joseph forced her daughter Elizabeth to write letters to Rosemarie to take care of her three children. Joseph then lied against Elizabeth that she left her children at their doorstep in order to protect them from the cult.

Elizabeth has raised her other three children in the basement where Rosemarie was banned from going to the basement. Elizabeth then escaped the basement on April 26, 2008 due to her fist child’s illness.

Elizabeth at the hospital with her kid at the hospital disclose her predicament to a medical staff leading to the arrest of the rapist Joseph. However, at the hearing of the court, Elizabeth’s real identity was not known in order to prevent the public from recognizing her

However, Elizabeth gave birth to seven children with her rapist father Joseph. Joseph gave her daughter a tattered pregnancy book which enabled her to give birth in the basement without the help of anyone. 

Michael then fell sick shortly after birth and died due to Joseph’s inability to provide them with drugs. After his death, the rapist burnt his body.

Elizabeth children to her rapist father

On August 30, 2988, their first child Kerstin was born and then Stefan was born on February 1, 1990. Lisa as the third child was born on August 29, 1992, Monika on February 26, 1994. Then their twins Alexander and Michael were born on April 38, 1996. Later on December 16, 2002, their last child Felix was born.

The motif behind the rape

The rapist monster sent a hand-written confession to an Austrian magazine via his lawyer. According to the confession, he admitted the fact that he don’t use any contraception while raping his daughter for more than three thousand times because he needed a family down in the cellar.

Het relationship status 

Elizabeth first met her lover Thomas Wagner when he was sent to protect Elizabeth’s family by the A&T securities. They got married in 2018.

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The couple are currently residing in a small hamlet in Austria’s countryside together with Elizabeth’s children. The residents of the Village X also support and protect Elizabeth. The couple are currently living happily in their home.

Her social media presence 

The victim of rape is not active on any social media platforms before her tragic incident and has never owned any social media account till now.

Elizabeth Fritzl net worth 

Since Elizabeth didn’t involve herself in any commercial work or profession apart from her waitress job, she has not accumulated any net worth to herself.


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