Elly Castle Bio, Career, Height, Net Worth, Divorce with John Schneider

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Elly Castle known by her birth name Elvira Castle is an American actress born in New Jersey, United States of America on 15th September, 1959. She is very popular because of her marital relationship with the popular American actor and singer, John Schneider. Sadly for the couple, they got divorced in 2019 after being blessed 2ith three children; Caris, Leah and Chasen.

The actress hasn’t yet shared anything about her parents, siblings or any other person very close to her. Also, she hasn’t said anything about how she grew up and what life was like as a child. But we believe that, Elly Castle had a great childhood with very supportive parents.


Elly Castle Height

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She stands at a height of about 5 feet and 6 inches tall which is approximate to 1.68m. John Schneider’s wife also has green eyes and dark-brown blonde hair.


Elly Castle Marriage and Divorce

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Elly Castle is presently a divorced woman. To the records, Elly Castle and her ex-husband, John Schneider tied the knot somewhere in July 1993. In the course of their marriage, they were blessed with three adorable children named Chasen and Caris.

Her children, Chasen and Leah were conceived from Elly’s previous marriage. Then after she was wedded by John Schneider, he adopted them as one of his own. So in this case, only Caris is John Schneider’s biological child.

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The love between Elly and her ex-husband, John Schneider was very great and iconic but as time passed away, things became very difficult for both couples. So after 23 years of getting married, they finally divorced in the year 2014. Their divorce was officially inked in the year 2018 by the court. That was the end of the marriage between John Schneider and his wife.

For John Schneider, even before he started to have a thing for Elly Castle, he was previously married to Tawney Little from 1983 – 1986. After she was finally divorced from his wife, he started to go out with another lady called Alicia who worked as a film producer.

After John Schneider was naked Dukes of Hazards Star in those days, Elly Castle was also busy getting divorced from him. Elly Castle demanded a sum of $31,000 monthly and child support after they finally called their marriage to an end.


Elly Castle Career

Elly Castle

Elly Castle hasn’t said the exact work she does. She hasn’t equally been linked with any organisation or company as a place she used to work or work currently. But all we know about her career is, that she is popularly known to be the ex-wife of renowned American actor, John Schneider. She has also featured in the film Collier & Co.


Elly Castle Net Worth

Elly Castle is sighted to have an estimated net worth of about $2million. She makes a lot of money from her career as an actress. Maybe she might have other ways she makes money. Aside from acting, she hasn’t yet said anything about what job she doesn’t most frequently.


John Schneider

John Schneider was born in Mt. Kisco, New York City, United States of America on 8th April, 1960. He is an American actor who has made a good name for himself. He had his breakthrough in the comedy-drama film The Files of Hazzard. After that, he made appearances in lots of successful films in and outside the United States.

Aside from his career as an accomplished actor, he presently owns Fath Works Production situated in San Antonio, Texas, United States of America. There, he acted as a producer, writer and director for his projects.

Formerly, he was married to Tawney Little, a former Los Angeles news anchor and Miss America. Somewhere in the year 1986, they divorced. He then tied the knot with his girlfriend, Alicia Allain after his marital relationship with Elly Castle failed to work.

John Schneider Net Worth

The American actor’s estimated net worth is $4million. He works as an actor, a director, a writer and a producer.

Elly Castle Profile

Name: Elvira Castle

Also Known As: Elly Castle

Date of Birth: 15th September, 1959

Age: 63 years of age as of 2022

Place of Birth: New Jersey, United States of America

Career: Actress

Net Worth: $2million

Ex-husband: John Schneider

Children: Chasen, Leah and Caris


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