Elon Musk finally clears the air on buying struggling Manchester United

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A tweet from the official handle of Elon Musk on buying struggling English football club Manchester United caused a measure of a quake on the internet.

Manchester United has been awful in recent years precisely since their legendary manager Sir Alex Fergurson bowed out in 2013. They are presently bottom of the Premier League, for the first time since August 1992.

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Hence Musk’s timely post generated a new bout of debate online. However, he cleared the air on the post insisting he was merely joking about it.

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“No, this is a long-running joke on Twitter. I’m not buying any sports teams,” Musk posted when asked by a user if he was serious about buying the club. “Although, if it were any team, it would be Man U,” he added, “they were my fav (sic) team as a kid.”

Musk originally tweeted: “I’m buying Manchester United ur (sic) welcome,” without offering any details. The world’s richest man has a history of riding on trends and shooting in the humour side of almost everything making rounds on the internet.

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“Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in,” he tweeted on April 27, two days after Twitter’s board accepted his unsolicited offer to buy the company.

Referring back to that post, on Wednesday he tweeted: “And I’m not buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in, despite the extreme popularity of such a move.”

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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