Emelia Brobbey Says The Name ‘Kumawood’ Annoys Her And Here Is Why

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The name Kumawood has been used for few years to describe movies churned out from Kumasi but according to Emelia Brobbey, that is very wrong.  She was in the studios of Sika Fm to promote her latest movie Adanfo Bone when she made the correction whilst reacting to the error one of the panels on show made.

The beautiful actress said, “When you were talking, you mentioned the word Kumawood, I was looking at you critically but if I wasn’t on radio I would have frown. I hate that name Kumawood. Kumawood isn’t for actors, it’s somebody’s company name… someone who has organised awards, his company’s name is the Kumawood and Akoben Awards so it isn’t a brand name for actors from Kumasi. We’ve Ghana Actors Guild which most actors and actresses in Ghana are members, so I don’t get this brand ‘Kumawood’. I think automatically people are dividing the actors,” she explained.

it’s obvious Emelia is of the opinion any actor or actress who is referred to as a Kumawood star has been grossly underrated. She noted that an actor or actress who is known for Akan movies should be called Ghanaian Movie Star. “I don’t believe in that name Kumawood because it pisses me off. Once we’ve a group recognised by Government (Ghana Actors Guild) stop branding us with other names.”

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The actress also used the opportunity to pass commentary on telenovelas which has superseded local productions. She noted the rapid increase in foreign Telenovelas being shown on most Television stations across the country as the worst to have crippled the movie industry, rendering most of the Ghanaian Film makers jobless and incapacitated.

“I produced a movie in January 2017 and because production has totally gone down I wasn’t able to come out with another movie until now in May, so how can I eat since market is low. I pray to God that those soap operas will be curtailed so we can have our jobs back,”
she opined.

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