Emelia Brobey Startled As Serwaa Amihere Sang Her ‘Fa Me K)’ Word By Word

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TV Presenter and actress Emelia Brobey was surprised when newscaster Serwaa Amihere was able to sing word by word of her song Fa Me K).

The song which was the most bashed song, receiving more negative comments than positive during its release, seem to have been a favorite of Serwaa Amihere.

Fa Me K), due to the negative comments however pushed the song more, and it began been played more especially on social media, hence not surprising how the newscaster was into it.

A video seen online had Serwaa singing word to word of the song which got Emelia Brobey surprised, and admitting she was indeed surprised the newscaster knew the lyrics to the song. This however gave Serwaa more vigor to continue singing and impressing Emelia Brobey.

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