Emmanuel Lewis Wife; Is The Actor Married?

Emmanuel Lewis wife is a topic that is worth exploring. Many people have been living in the wonder of who the woman keeping the actor company is.

If you are not too sure who Emmanuel is, you get the chance to know about him in this article. We will talk about who his wife is and what has made him this popular.

In the meantime, if you watched the American series known as Sitcom Webster in the 1980s, chances are that you fell in love with him as the series played out.

We know him as a popular actor, but what is quite not too clear is who Emmanuel Lewis wife is.

This is the subject we explore today.

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Before we look at who Emmanuel Lewis wife is, let’s take some time to look at who he is.

What is he known for, what does he do, and what is his background like?

All these questions should be getting answered as this article unfolds.

Kindly read on for all the information you need about Emmanuel and who his wife is.

Emmanuel Lewis biography

Emmanuel Lewis

Lewis is an American actor best known for portraying Webster in the 1980s television series Webster.

Emmanuel Lewis was born in the United States of America on March 9, 1971, in Brooklyn, New York City.

Details about his family are a bit scanty as he hasn’t put that information out there.

It is believed that he discovered his passion for acting quite early and had to go for it.


We all need education on who Emmanuel Lewis wife is, but this portion is for Emmanuel’s educational background.

Where did he get his degrees from, if he has any?

Emmanuel graduated from Midwood High School in 1989 and earned a bachelor’s degree from Clark Atlanta University in 1997.

Lewis is a taekwondo enthusiast.

Emmanuel Lewis height

Emmanuel Lewis height

People probably want to know Emmanuel Lewis wife because of his height, because many people see him as a small boy when he is quite old.

I say this because the actor from the sitcom Webster series is a short man.

What is his height? He stands at 4 feet 3 inches.


Starting his career when he was quite young, Emmanuel has been a busy man since, appearing in so many movies and series with the most popular one from which he made his name being the Webster series.

So how did his career pan out over the years?

Lewis was the Burger King Whopper’s child spokesperson. In 2001, he starred in a TV kid stars episode of The Weakest Link as himself.

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This laid the foundation for the career he went on to have.

He was also a Taekwondo enthusiast.

webster (1983–1989) TV series, The Love Boat (1984) episode “Only the Good Die Young”, A Christmas Dream (1984) TV special, Lost in London (1985) (TV), Emmanuel Lewis: My Very Own Show (1987) (TV), The New Adventures of Mother Goose (1995) (TV) are just a few of the many TV series and movies he has appeared in over the years.

Emmanuel Lewis’ net worth is believed to be $600,000.

His acting profession and sponsorship deals are his main sources of income.

Emmanuel Lewis wife

Emmanuel Lewis wife

Is the man married to anyone?

Emmanuel Lewis has chosen to keep his personal life private and has kept little information about it public. Whether Emmanuel Lewis has a wife or even a girlfriend is unknown.

Indeed, on his Wikipedia page, there was no mention of a spouse, and at 51 years old, as of the writing of this article, we still wait to see if Emmanuel will soon be walking down the aisle with any woman.

Emmanuel Lewis Disease

I Emmanuel sick? Does he have any disease which is why he hasn’t developed in height?

In terms of his height, Emmanuel Lewis has not been diagnosed with any medical conditions.

His height is normal and unaffected by any medical conditions.


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