Overtaking is allowed, I’ll never fight any side chic sleeping with my husband- Empress Gifty gives free chance to her husband’s side chics

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Empress Gifty has subtly given the leeway to all the side chics of her politician husband to go ahead and and enjoy his cucumber after she officially announced in a new video that she would never fight any woman sleeping with her husband.

Significantly, she said overtaking is allowed and won’t allow herself to stoop so low in fighting another woman over her husband.

Recall that rumours of her husband, Hopeson Ardoye cheating on her with numerous women have often dominated the tabloids and online portals masterminded by some of these faceless Instagram bloggers.

She made this proclamation in a video she specifically designed to educate women why they have to flee from abusive marriages hinged on the ugly situation Nigerian singer Osinachi Nwachukwu went through before she died

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Watch the full video Empress shared below;


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