#EndSarsNow: Nigerians push for the end to police brutality, injustice and intimidation [Video + Details]

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Are you a youth who puts on the fancy dresses and rides in the posh cars? Are you the type who always wants to be the centre of attention?

Well, not until the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of Nigeria meets you and for no apparent reason, label you as a threat to society and get you brutalized for looking good.

This insane and preposterous display of ineptitude from SARS in Nigeria is not only abominable but also nauseating and inhumane. It defeats the essence of living and has rendered a lot of proud natives in utter fear.

This has necessitated a nationwide protest demanding for the immediate end to SARS. Since the Nigerian president and leaders have decided to sit on the fence with their hands folded to their chests, these teeming youths believe their destinies lie in their own hands and will surely not throw pearls to dogs.

As I write this, my heart bleeds for Nigeria. As a Ghanaian, I do associate myself with a whole as far as insecurity in the subregion is concerned. The woes of the ordinary Nigerian is immense and neck-breaking…with Boko Haram lurking around, SARS has exacerbated the situation.

The frustration of Nigerians has been exercised amidst stiff opposition and strong government reluctancy to their problems.

Everything must change. SARS MUST END NOW!!!!!!!!

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