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Living a celebrity life can sometimes be very difficult. You’ve created a huge fan base and every now and then, your fans want to see something crazy from you, and you also have to keep your name in the industry so as to remain relevant. Such a boring life to live. For bloggers like me who take close observations on the activities of celebrities. I will admit that i love Eazzy as a musician, and just someday i will love her to win artiste of the year, since she’s had a difficult time loosing out on all awards she’s been nominated for at the past 2 VGMAs. She is a good musician but will fail terribly if she ever tries to go into modelling and it might take her a long time to get featured on any huge magazine cover if she does not fire the person who directed these photography.

What is she doing? Does she know what that posture means in the minds of Ghanaians. Someone please tell me she looked at these picture before publishing it. I don’t know if i am the only person thinking in that direction but seriously, there is nooo sexiness in this picture, the art direction was sooo poor. In the place i come from, this is the position you put yourself in if you want to relase some hard wasted materials from your system. The only thing is, she’s not squeezing, but she ain’t smiling either, i take it that, she was feeling that way when she took that picture.

Oh no! Come out already, you , hard messy thing in me.
Oh no! Come out already, you , hard messy thing in me.

What? Don’t start laughing already, tell me in the comment box below if i am lying and do share the link with your friends, and see if it’s not true. That’s celebrity life for you.


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