Enwai Of Double Fame Spits Fire On 4syte TV For Their Unfair Treatment To Ghanaian Musicians

Enwai, former member of defunct music duo Dobble has bemoaned the high cost involved in having their music video played on the music channel whereas foreign tracks are played repeatedly without any charge at all.

Ghana music has made significant growth over the years but bureaucracy and other organisational lapses continue to stifle its full blossom. Highlife musicians have complained bitterly about the gradual extinction of the genre partly because radio and TV stations demand exorbitant fees before they play their music.

Ironically the situation should rather be the other way round; managers of TV and radio stations are supposed to pay the musicians for playing their music.

Enwai registered his vehement displeasure by posting his frustrations on Facebook and questioned why Ghanaian musicians should be charged between ¢3000 and ¢5000 before playing their songs on their channel and yet when they want the services of these same musicians on their programmes, they want them to compromise relative to the charge.

This is what Enwai wrote:

“#Nkwasiasem is when 4syte TV charges Ghanaian musicans 3-5k to show their videos and play foreign videos for free. #SiasemBeNoNo. & later when they want these same Ghanaian musicians for their events they give them a butter trade contract and pay foreign musicians huge amount of money..Ghanaian musicians let’s be wise kakraa wai. Let’s nt allow these Ppl to call us #STUPID indirectly. I knw some musicians are afraid to talk but I speak my mind. 4Syte TV can decide to red list me. Enti mi shirt na ati mi singlet. #DoesiCare ? Tweaaaaaa. I Nana Yaw Ennwai will forever respect #FiestaTV”


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