Eric Bischoff details how a potential WWE Sale could change Wrestling

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Former WCW President Eric Bischoff has detailed how a potential WWE sale could affect Wrestling in his “83 Weeks” podcast.

Speaking about if Wrestling would go private, Eric Bischoff said no one can buy WWE unless there’s fundraising or when a number of wealthy people come together to purchase WWE because he believes that the wealthiest man wouldn’t want to “throw some money into the kitty”.

“I don’t know. That’s a level of fundraising money raising that’s so far out of my scope of even comprehension. I just don’t know who has the kind of money to play that game, but I think in aggregate if you put together three, four, five people especially if you’ve got somebody.. I mean what is Vince’s net worth? Three, four billion, but would he throw some of his own money into the kitty? Yeah… I’m not suggesting he has to come up with all of it himself.


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“But, if he throws in a half a billion or a billion so he’s got skin in the game if he has access to that cash it’s liquid and he’s got Saudi partners who are willing to come in with three or four and you’ve got endeavor that may want to come in there’s no way of knowing.

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“There’s just no way of knowing. I do believe and I said this on Strictly Business hours before the press release came out, or the news came out, that during a company-wide meeting Frank Riddick, who I believe is their controller whatever his title is Vice President control or whatever.”

“He’s the money guy came out and said that one of the options is to take the company private. I think hours before that on Strictly Business I leaned into that one because that’s what I think. I say that because especially under the circumstances it’s the fact that WWE is a publicly held company that really forced Vince into retirement.

“You have to protect the stock and I can see Vince based on what I’ve heard about him a little bit when I’ve come to came to know about him he’s a fighter. I mean, we all know that. I could see Vince going ‘nuh uh, I’m taking this back’ and putting together a team of people that would put the money together and take it back private. I could see it.”

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