Eric Roberts Wife Eliza Roberts, Who is She?

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Eric Roberts wife, Eliza Roberts is also an actress, just like her husband. The couple has been married for decades now as they have been together since 1992. What do you know about her?

In this article, we are going to talk about the couple, how they met and got married, and how they have stayed together for about 30 years.

What do you know about Eric Roberts?

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Before we talk about his wife, let’s get to know him and howhe has become so popular over the years.

Eric Roberts Biography

Eric Roberts Age
Eric Roberts

Eric Anthony Roberts was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, on April 18, 1956, in the United States of America.

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His parents were Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts.

His parents were one-time actors and playwrights, who met while touring with a production of George Washington Slept Here for the armed forces.

How did Eric Roberts and his wife meet?

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We will talk about that later.

Eric Roberts and his siblings can trace their ancestral background to England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Germny, and Sweden.

Eric Roberts siblings are Julia Roberts, and Lisa Roberts Gillan.

So who is Eric Roberts wife?

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Eric Roberts Wife

Eric Roberts wife, actress Eliza Roberts was born as Eliza Rayfiel. She is a casting director and actress who has been with Roberts since 1992.

Eliza Roberts is known for National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978), Doctor Who (1996) and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993).

Her parents are Lila Garrett, and David Rayfiel

She has been married to Eric Roberts since August 16, 1992. She was previously married to James Simons.

She may not be as popular as her husband, but Eric Roberts wife Eliza Roberts has been a lovely companion for him for so many years.

Although they do nt have any children together, there seem to be no problem as each of the came to the marriage with at least one child.

Eric Roberts had a child from a previous relationship. His daughtr is actress Emma Roberts.

Eliza Roberts, his wife, on the otherhand, came into the marriage with two children; Keaton Simons, and Morgan Simons.

How did Eric Roberts and his wife meet?

How The Couple Met

Eric Roberts wife

There has not been any record of how the two met each other, but being in the entertainment industry, they may have seen each other a number of times in their line of work and developed admiration for each other.

After Roberts’s relationship with Cunningham ended, he married Eliza Roberts.

Their more than three decades marriage has not produced any children but he has step-children with his wife.

Eric Roberts wife came to the marriage with twochildren which he took as his.

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His stepdaughter Morgan Simons is a chef, while his stepson Keaton Simons is a singer-songwriter.

In December 2020, Emma and actor Garrett Hedlund welcomed their first child, a son named Rhodes, and Roberts became a grandfather for the first time.

On January 12, 2001, Roberts and Garrett appeared on The Howard Stern Radio Show as part of the National Enquirer’s Mike Walker’s “The Gossip Game” segment.

He acknowledged that they had been alienated from his sister Julia for a while.

His prior drug usage and her decision to side with his ex-girlfriend in the custody dispute for his kid were the root of their estrangement.

When he visited his sister in the hospital after she gave birth to twins, he said in an interview with People magazine in 2004, the two of them reunited.


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