Erin Patterson Family: Meet Her Parents, Heather And Eitan

Erin Patterson has been charged with murder after it was alleged that she gave her guests in Victoria’s east a lethal mushroom supper. Patterson invited her sister Heather, her husband, Ian Wilkinson, and her former in-laws Don and Gail Patterson to a luncheon at her Leongatha home on July 29, 2023.

After the meal, all four of the visitors reportedly became ill and were admitted to the hospital. Sadly, Patterson’s ex-husband’s parents, Gail and Don Patterson, died in August. Patterson is being held before his Friday morning appearance in Morwell magistrates court.

Who Is Erin Patterson? 

Erin Patterson, 49, is reportedly a resident of the small Australian town of Leongatha. She was born and raised in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Waverley. Following her marriage to Simon Patterson, she assumed responsibility for the Burra Flyer, the community newsletter that her in-laws, Don and Gail Patterson, had edited in their hometown of Korumburra.

Erin raised her children at home and eventually became a stay-at-home mom, but since then, there have been rumours that she denigrated local residents who contributed to the newsletter. She was put under detention and charged with the murder of a couple who had lunch at her house. Her appointment is to appear at Morwell Magistrates’ Court on Friday morning.

Erin Patterson Arrest: Charges Include Mushroom Poisoning

Three people died as a result of the mushroom lunch event, and one person is still struggling for their life. Erin Patterson has been charged with murder. The homicide squad investigators had taken Patterson into custody, according to confirmation from the Victoria Police on Thursday. On July 29, 2023, around lunchtime, at Patterson’s home in the Australian town of Leongatha, the claimed murders occurred.

In particular, Patterson stands accused of killing her 70-year-old brother Gail Patterson and her 66-year-old sister Heather Wilkinson. She is also accused of three murder counts and five attempted murder counts. Gail Patterson, Don Patterson (both 70 years old), and Heather Wilkinson were the victims who died in hospitals a few days after eating the lunch of beef in Wellington. After receiving therapy for seven weeks, most of which he spent in a coma, Ian Wilkinson, Heather’s husband, who was also present at the lunch, was released from the hospital.

When asked about how the investigation went, Detective Inspector Dean Thomas said, “Over the last three months, this investigation has been subjected to incredibly intense levels of public scrutiny and curiosity. I cannot think of another investigation that has generated this level of media and public interest, not only here in Victoria but also nationally and internationally”.

Meet Erin Patterson Parents, Heather And Eitan

Erin Patterson, as reported by the Daily Mail, hails from a wealthy family and spent her formative years in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Waverley. Her parents, Heather Scutter and Eitan were both accomplished professionals in their respective fields. Eitan worked for the government, while Heather was a lecturer at Monash University, specializing in 19th-century adult literature. Additionally, Heather was a highly regarded children’s book critic and contributed numerous articles and reviews on the subject.


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