Ethan Chapin Obituary, Parents, Girlfriend, Funeral

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Ethan Chapin was one of the students who was stabbed to death in a hostel at the University of Idaho. Their death was not detected until some hours. Police immediately picked up another student named Bryan Kohberger. In this post, we will take a look at who Ethan Chapin was and information about his past personal life.

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Who Was Ethan Chapin?

Ethan Chapin was one of the students killed at the University of Idaho. He was born on October 28, 2002. The late Ethan had two other twins. Hunter Chapin was his brother, while Maizie Chapin was his sister.

Who Was Ethan Chapin’s Girlfriend?

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Ethan Chapin Obituary, Parents, Girlfriend, Funeral

Ethan Chapin was dating Xana Kernodle who was also killed by the attacker. That night, Ethan was spending the night with his girlfriend.

Who Are Ethan Chapin’s Parents?

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Ethan was born on October 28, 2002, to Jim Chapin (father) and Stacy Chapin (mother).

Ethan Chapin’s Obituary

Priest Lake, Idaho – Ethan, a triplet, was born first at 4:43 pm on a beautiful Tuesday evening in October. He was born at Swedish Hospital in Seattle.

Maizie arrived shortly after at 4:44 and Hunter at 4:45. Our family spent the first year and half living in Olympia at Summit Lake and then we moved to Conway.

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The kids attended Conway School where they got a great education and also played soccer, basketball and ran cross country.

One of Ethan’s greatest memories was on the basketball court with his brother at Conway wearing jersey #30.

Ethan is survived by his dad, Jim, his mom, Stacy, and surviving triplets, Maizie and Hunter. He is also survived by Stacy’s mother, Darcy Wells and Jim’s father, Jim Chapin. Half siblings Eric Chapin and wife Sarah, David Chapin and Nicole (Chapin) Ryerson and husband Jimmy. Aunts and Uncles Steve and Gina Wells, Curtis and Machel Chapin and Todd and Renee (Chapin) Fisher.

Ethan attended Mount Vernon High School. His school was cut short by Covid so Ethan and his siblings packed up and headed to Idaho where they went to work at Hill’s Resort. They went back to Mount Vernon to start their senior year at MVHS but school was still not in session. They worked at Tulip Town through the tulip season and then headed back to Idaho to continue working at Hill’s Resort during the summer just prior to attending the University of Idaho.

In August of 2021, our family made the journey to University of Idaho to drop off all three of our kiddos at college. The boys, both Ethan and Hunter, joined the fraternity of Sigma Chi and Maizie joined Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority.

Since attending the University of Idaho, Ethan lived his best life. He loved the social life, intramurals and tolerated the academics. He also continued to play sports.

We were all very fortunate to play golf with him all this last summer. If he wasn’t on the golf course or working, you could usually find him surfing, playing sand volleyball or pickle ball.

Ethan loved life. He laughed continuously. He smiled when he woke up and was still smiling when he went to bed. He was kind to all and a friend to all. May we all try to make the earth a better place … and may we all live like Ethan.


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