Etta Ng Chok Lam Net Worth, Father, More

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We have heard of and adore Jackie Chan, the Chinese Martial Artist, but do we know his children? Today, we discuss one of his children, Etta Ng Chok Lam net worth. Has her father had any influence on her life?

In this article, we shall see how much Jackie Chan daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam is worth.

Before we zoom in on Etta Ng Chok Lam net worth, let’s take some time to look at her life and what she does for a leaving and the reason her net worth has become topical over the years.

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Who is Etta Ng Chok Lam, Jackie Chan daughter? Let’s find out.

Etta Ng Chok Lam Net Worth; Biography

Etta Ng Chok Lam is a well-known celebrity child who is best recognized for being the daughter of renowned actor Jackie Chan.

On November 19, 1999, Etta Ng Chok Lam was born in Hong Kong, China.

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Jackie Chan and Elaine Ng Yi Lei are her parents.

Her father is a well-known martial artist and Hollywood actor.

Etta Ng has a sibling named Jaycee Chan.

Educational Background

Etta Ng Chok Lam Net Worth
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Being Jackie Chan daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam net worth is under scrutiny but what about her educational background? Where did she attend school?

How influential has her father, Jackie Chan been in her life?

At the International Christian School (Shek Mun Campus), Etta Ng Chok Lam began her study but later left. She blamed her mother for her failure to further her studies.

Etta Ng Chok Lam claims she does not see her father because he abandoned her so that her mother could raise her alone.

Jackie Chan daughter Etta Ng Chok Lam was reportedly primarily raised by her mother.

She has become a popular figure due to her father’s fame and her somewhat careless lifestyle.

What is Etta Ng Chok Lam net worth today?

Etta Ng Chok Lam Net Worth

Her father’s net worth is among the highest in his field of endeavour, but Etta Ng Chok Lam net worth is estimated to be $1.3 million.

Her father’s net worth is around $350 million, however, her source of income is unknown.

There have been several controversies surrounding the lifestyle of Jackie Chan daughter, one of them being her choice of a spouse.

Etta Ng Chok Lam is wed to Canadian YouTube sensation Andi Autumn.

They tied the knot on November 8, 2018.

Father Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

We have been talking about how much money she earns but who is Etta Ng Chok Lam father?

Etta Ng Chok Lam father is, of course, Jackie, the famous movie actor.

What do we know about Etta Ng Chok Lam father?

Jackie Chan is an actor, martial artist, and stuntman who is renowned for his slapstick acrobatic fighting style, comedic timing, and daring stunts, which he usually executes by himself.

Since the 1960s, Chan has been an actor, appearing in more than 150 motion pictures.

He is one of the most well-liked action movie actors ever.

It is not only about Etta Ng Chok net worth after all as we have given you more than just that.

Her father, Chan was born Chan Kong-sang on April 7, 1954, to Chinese Civil War refugees Charles and Lee-Lee Chan in British Hong Kong.

Because of their extreme poverty, his parents had to borrow money from friends to pay the doctor.

Pao-Pao was his family’s pet name.


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