Euphoria Series: How old is Ashtray in real life?

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Who is Ashtray in Euphoria Series?

One of the primary characters in Euphoria was Ashtray. Javon “Wanna” Walton played the role, and Daelo Jin Walton played the 6-year-old version of him.

Ashtray was a stocky, average-sized teenager. He had facial tattoos beneath his eyes, a brown buzz cut, and a somewhat round face. He typically wore a gold chain around his neck and had fair complexion and dark eyes.

Before moving in with Marie O’Neill and her grandson, Fezco, Ashtray lived with his family, although nothing is known about their lives. His mother once left him with Marie as collateral but didn’t come back after 10 o’clock. Ashtray was cared for by Fez, although at first he couldn’t stop crying since he missed his mother. Eventually, though, he was able to nod off next to Fez on the couch. He acquired his new name because Marie referred to him as “a tiny ashtray” after he had attempted to consume some of her used cigarettes from the ashtray.

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Ashtray was treated as family by both Marie and Fez since he learnt the drug dealing industry in a same way that Marie had previously taught her grandson.

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Ashtray is mostly seen selling narcotics to customers from Fezco’s shop throughout the first season. He functions as Fezco’s younger brother and shop assistant and also seems to reside with him. He is present during the conversations between Mouse and Fez, and we can see that he assists Fezco with their drug peddling business because he is also seen throwing drugs down the toilet when the police were summoned.

How old is Ashtray in real life?
Euphoria Series: How old is Ashtray in real life?

Ashtray was terrified that Fezco might try to harm him, so he attacked both him and his partner, Custer, with a hammer, breaking Custer’s nose and killing Mouse in the process by hitting him in the head. This attack occurred after Fez tried to pay Mouse for the drugs he had to flush down the toilet by stealing the money from an unethical doctor.

As they need to switch partners as a result of Mouse’s passing on New Year’s Eve, Ashtray and Fez go in the car with Rue as they head to a meeting.

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Custer tries to capture a dialogue in “All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name” to implicate Fezco in Mouse’s slaying. He starts the discussion by informing Fezco that the police discovered Mouse’s body, which causes Faye to drop a glass to the ground. She signals to Fezco to “be quiet” as she bends down to clean up the shattered glass, warning him that the phone is recording everything he says. As Faye jumps in to explain that Custer told her that Laurie killed Mouse, he denies it, but she stands by her own statement to protect Fezco and Ashtray, Fezco continues to pretend as if he has no idea what Custer is talking about, perplexing Custer.

As Ashtray becomes more enraged, Custer is killed when he is stabbed in the neck. Then, because Fezco wants to take the blame for his younger brother, he punches Ashtray to make it appear as though he’s innocent. Ashtray forbids him from doing so and then locks himself in the toilet with a number of ready-to-fire weapons. The SWAT team finally bursts through the door and Ashtray starts firing as they enter the hallway, accidentally hitting Fezco in the process. Fezco tries to get him to come out. He briefly stops as Fezco begs him to, which prompts the SWAT to begin fire.

When the noise stops, an officer approaches the door and discovers an ashtray on the floor of the restroom. The cop turns around to tell the others that he believes he is dead. The second officer down the corridor then takes aim at Ashtray and shoots him in the head while Fezco watches. Ashtray then pulls his shotgun and shoots him.

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How old is Ashtray in real life?

Javon Walton played the role of Ashtray in the Euphoria Series.

Javon Walton is a well-known boxer, actor, television personality, gymnast, fighter, businessman, and social media influencer from the United States. He became well-known for his role as Ashtray in the HBO series Euphoria.

After performing in Euphoria, he began acting in the television series Utopia. His performances in Samaritan and Season 2 of The Addams Family in 2022 are most well known.

On July 22, 2006, Javon Walton was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. He goes by the name Javon. Javon is currently 16 years old.

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