Eusebius McKaiser health before death: Did He have cancer or epileptic seizure?

Eusebius McKaiser was a prominent South African Journalist, broadcaster, and political analyst who gained broad experience by working in various publications.

He has contributed to publications such as the Mail & Guardian, Sunday Times, Foreign Policy, Guardian, New York Times, and Business Day, where he penned a weekly column. He rose to fame as the anchor of the Radio 702 discussion show and authored three books about South African politics and society.

In a coloured township in Grahamstown, Cape Province, where his working-class family resided, Eusebius McKaiser was born on March 28, 1978. He went to Graeme College, where he graduated in 1996, and St. Mary’s Primary School.

He started attending Rhodes University in 1997 and earned a bachelor’s degree in law and philosophy, an honours degree, and a master’s degree in philosophy in 2003 with a thesis on moral objectivity.

He did it with distinction. He received a Rhodes Scholarship to attend the University of Oxford from 2005 to 2006. While there, he worked with Ralph Wedgwood and John Broome on a doctoral project in moral philosophy that he never finished. He was also a scholar from the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust.

As we zoom in on Eusebius McKaiser’s cause of death and obituary, let’s keep track of how his career began and how far he went with it before his death. Politics and Morality, a once-a-week late-night chat show, was the first radio program he hosted on Radio 702.

Up until 2011, he served as the host of SABC 3’s current affairs program Interface. He afterwards served as the weeknight anchor of 702’s Talk@9 show.

He started off as the host of Power Talk, a three-hour weekday morning talk show when Power FM debuted on June 18, 2013. He departed Power FM in October 2014 because of what the station claimed were irreconcilable differences between him and the station.

He later returned to Radio 702 in July 2016, replacing Redi Thlabi with a weekday morning conversation show.

Did Eusebius McKaiser have cancer or epileptic seizure?

Eusebius McKaiser never had cancer. According to credible information, he suffered an epileptic seizure which caused his death. His manager told the press that McKaiser might have had an epileptic fit and passed away.

A brain illness called epilepsy is characterized by recurrent seizures. A seizure is typically described as an abrupt shift in behaviour brought on by a transient disruption in the electrical activity of the brain.

The brain typically continuously produces minute electrical impulses that follow a predictable pattern.

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