Evan Sausage: Biography, career, age, net worth

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YouTube is a place people often go to catch some fun and also learn things that would be of immense help to them in any endeavor. People have, over the years, made it a point to educate and entertain people on the platform. One such person who has become very popular for his style on the YouTube platform is Evan Sausage.

Evan Sausage often uploads vlogs and gaming videos that excite his fans.

He has quite a huge amount of following on the platform as success on YouTube largely depends on the number of subscribers that one has been able to attract to their channel.

Since beginning his YouTube career in 2014, which was the year he joined YouTube, he has amassed over 420 subscribers, which is why he is considered one of the popular YouTubers.

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So, who is Evan Sausage? Get to know who the YouTube star is in this feature about him on GhBase.com.

Evan Sausage biography

Evan Sausage
Evan | Image source | YHstars

Born on March 28 of 1992, Evan Sausage is a popular American YouTuber who is well known for his gaming videos and Live Streams on YouTube.

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Evan Sausage is 29 years old as of 2021.

Before Evan started his YouTube channel, he had a Twitter account which he joined in August 2013.

After he created his account, his first tweet was a reply to one of SSSniperWolf’s tweets.

He later created his YouTube channel after a year.

He and SSSniperWolf ended up dating in a relationship that had its up and downs and ultimately ended on the rocks.

While his YouTube channel is mainly a gaming channel, his most popular videos are the ones where he collaborated with his ex-girlfriend SSSniperwolf.

His YouTube video series of scaring SSSniperwolf have the highest amount of views.

Evan Sausage education

Evan Sausage
Evan | Image source | Briefly.co.za

Evan’s educational background isn’t so detailed as he hasn’t put that in the public domain as of yet, but he is believed to have had his education in the state of Arizona.

His educational qualifications aren’t in the public domain as well but one doesn’t need any sort of educational qualification to become a YouTube star, you only need to be an expert in a field to become one, and Evan Sausage identified his own to be streaming videos and uploading vlogs in order to entertain his fans.

Evan Sausage career

Evan Sausage has been a YouTuber since 2014 and has made several gaming videos and vlogs.

His gaming videos are very popular in which he plays games like Overwatch, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, and several others.

At one time, Evan Sausage was among the top 500 players of Overwatch which made him even more popular.

As of 2021, Evan’s total number of subscribers stands at over 424,000, which is a large number considering that he mostly makes gaming videos.

Videos and vlogs he has uploaded on his YouTube channel have garnered more than 13 million views.

How old is Evan Sausage now?

Evan was born on March 28, 1992, and on March 28, 2021, he celebrated his 29th birthday.

So, as of now, Evan is 29 years old.

Who is Evan Sausage girlfriend?

Evan Sausage
SSSniperwolf and Evan Sausage | Image source | Pintrest

Evan met another famous YouTube star known as SSSniperwolf and they struck a good relationship almost immediately.

The two met through their YouTube accounts.

They are usually very open about their relationship and often post each other on their social media.

They also feature each other on their YouTube videos.

Evan Sausage and SSSniperwolf’s relationship started when Evan sent a funny message to SSSniperwolf, which made her laugh.

They went on to talk more through Skype and text messages.

After some time, they fell in love and became a couple.

However, things have not always been easy for them.

After a year of dating, the couple split for personal reasons.

Their relationship hasn’t been stable since and they currently are living separate lives as they can no longer put together as a result of their differences.

Who is SSSniperwolf

Evan Sausage
SSSniperWolf | Image source | Forbes

SSSniperwolf was born on October 22, 1992.

She is better known online as SSSniperWolf (also known as Little Lia, formerly sexysexysniper.

SSSniperwolf is an English-American YouTuber known for her reaction, commentary, DIY videos, and vlogs.

She is more popular than her ex-boyfriend, Evan Sausage if you are to consider the audience she has on the platform.

She has more than 29.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel “SSSniperwolf” compared to the 424, 000 garnered by Evan.

What is Evan Sausage Net Worth

YouTubers with such numbers of subscribers earn quite a lot of money as they gain a lot of views from their videos which is what brings them money.

So, what has Evan been able to earn from YouTube which is his only known source of income?

As of 2021, Evan Sausage’s net worth currently stands at around $1 million.

However, it is estimated that his net worth can be anywhere from $1 million to $5 million USD.

He made his wealth primarily from his YouTube Channel, which he started in March 2014.

Watch one of Evan Sausage’s YouTube videos here where he featured SSSniperwolf on it:

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