“Even Girls Snatch Boys’ Girlfriends Nowadays”-Actress Omobewaji Claims

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The Nigerian actress, Omobewaji has made some claim that should be of some concern to men who jealously guard their girlfriends.

Maybe it is not something that guys are aware of and so it is just good that Omobewaji is pointing it out so that they can be on their feet against people usurping or leapfrogging them.

According to the Yoruba actress, it is no longer only men that snatch people’s girlfriends but girls also do same.

She claimed that the days where people are only scared of men snatching their girlfriends is over as there is another set to add to the headache of jealous boyfriends.

To Omobewaji, girls also snatch girlfriends these days and if you don’t take good care of you girlfriend as a man, it is not another man that will snatch her but a girl.

Assuming that these claims are true, (which could be, as homosexuality is quite rife among a section of the world’s population) it is a demonstration of how rotten to the core morality is in today’s world.

“Before ,you ll be scared of a man snatching your girlfriend ….girl don Dey snatch girlfriend now too o,” Omobewaji wrote on Twitter.

How embarrassing it will be for a girl to snatch a guy’s girlfriend from him.

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