“Even If DNA Proves A Baby Isn’t Yours, You Must Take Responsibility For It”, Men Admonished

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A Nigerian Twitter freak has admonished men to do well to take responsibility for babies even when DNA proves that the babies aren’t theirs.

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This may well not go down well with many men out there as they cannot simply stand taking care of a baby that isn’t theirs.

There’ve been stories where DNA has proven some men take care of children that aren’t theirs and most of the times, such relationships hit a snag as the man would normally send them out to go search for the real fathers of the children.

Vivian maintains that women go through a lot in marriages and, thus, deserve better.

She added that when a man impregnates another woman, the wife would often be told to forgive and endure, adding that all genders must be treated equally.

“Men if DNA confirms the baby is not yours, it doesn’t change the fact that You must take responsibility of the baby… Women go through a lot in Marriages and women deserve better,” she tweeted.

“When a married man impregnates a woman, his wife will be told to forgive and endure. Every gender should be treated fairly,” she added.

Some people, mostly men, shared their thoughts on Vivian’s concerns.

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