‘Even My Own Mother Complains About The Size Of My Shoes’- King Promise

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King Promise

King Promise has earned a reputation for the size of his shoes which he has slowly incorporated into his brand. It all started as a troll but to prove that he has thick skin, he has made the oversized shoe a part of him, plus his sakora head.

Granting a new interview on Happy FM, the award winning singer said his own mother also complained about the about the size of his shoes.

King Promise hilariously revealed that the mother once called him over to ask him why he has developed a taste for big shoes.

He said;

“I don’t know why people talk about my shoes. It first started when I went for an award and wore these Balenciaga shoes that I bought.

I didn’t know it was going to cause anything until the following morning when it was all over social media; my mum even called to comment that my shoe was too big.”

“Regardless of the sizes, I sometimes wear small ones as well. For me, I feel if somebody is to talk about me, it should be my music because that is the most important thing.

I feel if I am an artiste and they speak about something else to remember me then it makes me less of an artiste; my music should be the most important thing.”

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