‘Even the Israelites who saw God face-to-face have no Cathedral’ – Lawyer schools Akufo Addo

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Anokye Frimpong, a Ghanaian lawyer, has questioned the reasoning for the construction of a National Cathedral when the economy is in shambles.

As a land where God performed several miracles, including parting the Red Sea for them to cross, Israel lacks a cathedral, it is surprising that Ghana, a country revered as a modern-day saint, intends to construct one.

According to him, Ghana is not a Christian state as defined by the constitution, and therefore constructing a cathedral in such a secular nation is unjustified.

Israel, the nation about whom we are informed that God himself took them over the sea, split it in two and lowered them into it before escorting them to the other end, is said to lack a national cathedral. We don’t have a National Cathedral for those who experienced God face-to-face

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Until Christianity arrived in the country 300 years ago, the people of Ghana were still worshipping deities and ancestors, and now they’re building a Cathedral for whom? We must first ask, “Who?” Because Ghana’s constitution makes no mention of the nation is Christian, it also makes no mention of it being Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Traditional.

As a result, erecting a cathedral signifies a desire to promote the idea that the country is a Christian one. “Is it going to be for the SDA or the Roman Catholic or Pentecost, and for that matter if it’s going to be for the state, who informed you that the state is a Christian or given that it is for the state, how many times will we utilize that National Cathedral in a year?” he said on Ghana Television.

National Cathedral
National Cathedral
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